Corporate-ability Seminar

I shall never understand, which means, agree with, that waste of life energy throughout the daily orientation of your activities.

Ongoing war on the markets,
Obsession for maintenance and self-optimization.
Never again, will I sit in front of you and simulate an inch of corporate-ability.
Not for anything in the world.

The Truth : Eruptions of life feed my inner seas.
Your holed and rusty pipelines spread their filth on our hearts’ natural playground.

I suggest you all, collectively lobotomized lot,
you, committed to this surrounding overexcitement,
classic products churn out of leather chairs and sleek buildings
get all together and organize on of your never-ending seminars
in a place so far away from me that you’ll never remind me of your good offices
nor be in a position to place one of your documents in my free hands.

Franck Joseph
©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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Many thanks to all.

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