From Logos To Dharma

From ‘logos’ to ‘dharma’, I am not convinced that there is a single step to take.

The logos, in its etymological meaning, is the order of things, reality.
This double translation makes it possible to distribute the two terms of karma (order of things) and dharma (reality).

Through karma, events are organized as they should because of their inner configuration.
Through dharma, things are, in their depths.

The term ‘logos’ makes it possible to keep together these two parts though different in their thickness.

Things, as they are, in order, in « their » order, in the order of things — which is their difference from the way we generally understand it:

order of things = things in order.

In the right part of this equation, there is all the subjectivity regarding the assertion that the order of things is, should be, should have been.

On the left part of the equal sign, these considerations do not matter. The order of things is « the way of things », the dharma.

There is no other way here than that of things as they are.
Karma is more on the right side of the equation, that of logos/language that puts things in order of chaos.
It is the side of movement, action, the will to take, to impregnate.

The dharma, the logos/cosmos rises upstream of the words and corresponds to the left side of the equation: it is the side of the great calm, of letting go, of the non-action.

©FJ Nov 2021
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