Certainly Not A Dream

Maintaining the gaze in this other dimension. What I strive to do.
The veil had been lifted and the eyes were opened to it.

From below, from within, not leaving, hanging in, just a little longer.
Enough to understand what is happening to understand how places work.

And these strangely frozen actors, talking further down the hall.
The yellow-orange corridor: an evening light paints the atmosphere of the place.
Without a window, the light shines from the place itself.

The protagonists seem to be discussing a matter of great importance,
With no word uttered, without seeing my presence nor meeting my gaze.

Then the object (a pocket watch, an aged copper case) moves from one character to the other.
I know her, I had know her
She certainly knows a lot about me.

I know they know I’m watching.
One more moment, trying to record everything.

And then nothing.
As suddenly out as I suddenly got there.
Drawn back into the common worlds.

Bodies are the unit. That is all.

©FJ May 2022
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