Soul Denouement

Jesus said: The truth will set you free.

It cannot be otherwise.
Truth and freedom are contained within – and reveal – each other.

In the same way that lying inevitably leads to enslavement,
Concealment from others, from oneself, leads to suffocation.

The Spirit is a spirit of freedom.
Our Deepest Nature, is free and joyful,
Truth is always about liberation.

Simplification is a step towards truth.
Material, conceptual accumulation binds our being.
The axis of simplification unties the rope of our soul.

Each knot that comes undone is a work of truth and freedom.

Practice, prayer,
Surrender, faith.

Embrace the simple truth.
Freedom is fluidity (Buddhist emptiness), the work of God, the all-possible.
Our lies hamper the all-possible.
No one but ourselves hinders the flow of God within us,

If I fill myself with knots, concepts, goods, projects,
Where can the Spirit still breathe ?

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

4 commentaires

  1. AAAAARGHHH…! You are talking « truth » again…!!!!

    That which men call truth constrains, imprisons. My experience is that « freedom » then comes to mean « you are free to agree with me ».

    I want another term. Another idea. I reject the framework of this equation of truth and freedom because of its misrepresentation until it becomes unidentifiable – but then, I seek to reject all such frameworks. Maybe that is my self-imposed constraint.

    Yesterday, my wife and I visited a place some miles from here which is frequented by a number of… « alternative »… types. This led me to wonder aloud (but not at all seriously) « perhaps we should be hippies… »

    Her response: « You could not be a hippie for long, just as you could not be anything else. It would constrain you. You are too much of a rebel ».

    I had to agree. Perhaps she was telling the truth, and had set me free.

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    1. Wasn’t me Sir, I swear!
      It was Jesus who started it…
      He always does…and I’m the one who gets the blame.
      That’s unfair!

      To me, truth is a sound.
      Which I can hear, when something sounds true, sounds like Truth,
      There’s nothing like the sound of Truth.
      (Capital letter, here, is pure provocation, I admit.)

      You are reacting to a philosophical meaning of truth.
      I’m simply trying to tag inner sounds with a name.

      I’m thinking : when you’re obliged to be free…is that an obligation?
      Can it be refused on the grounds of a wish to freedom?
      Isn’t such an obligation the undeniable (this would be the constraint) feature of our Nature ?

      I’d never be a hippy.
      Or a hippy hermit
      With short hair.
      Plus this thing about rainbow colors might be interpreted in a twisted manner these days.
      I don’t want to blur the mess–age.

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  2. Well, whoever wrote that particular biblical passage deserves the blame.
    Yeshua ben Yusuf takes a lot of blame for what he was supposed to have said.

    The sound of truth? I prefer the sound of silence. Philosophical or otherwise.

    Is any self imposed constraint an obligation? Are all obligations external? Or are there classes of obligation, united by the inaccuracy of language?

    Would you be a hippy hermit with long hair? Or just content with being Anything?

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    1. The sound of truth,
      The sound of silence,
      …I haven’t heard any difference…

      You’re right : while being Anything, I’d be reluctant to be or wear anything identifiable as anything,
      let alone, as Anything.
      I think I’d gladly settle for Whatever,
      but (as mentionned by Oscar Wilde) it’s already taken.

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