Vice Networks

The element that is sufficient to characterize social networks as intrinsically flawed, i.e. the element intrinsic to social networks justifying that their use can only lead us on paths of suffering, or, a sufficient reason to keep the practice away from these activities, is the following:

-The driving force of these networks is a psychological need to seek to present oneself in such and such a way,
the optimization of a representation of ourselves according to a certain positioning strategy.

Whether this strategy is effective or not, worthy of praises or not, skillful or clumsy is not of much importance because, ahead of these questions, there is always a process of insincere intellectualizing.

The actor-subject on social networks is necessarily in a relationship to themselves which cannot be named authentic.
Faced with this state of affairs, digital platforms offer tools that are able to deal with endless questions.

Thus, being prey to identity positioning, the user will find under his fingers a whole range of positioning options (likes/share/comment…), as well as behavioral models to adopt, project, and a quick access to gratification or sanction.
This will cause them to align in the most perfect way with what is expected from them.
Without any room for randomness, everything has been set up so as not to promote the unveiling of such mechanisms.
These parameters overlap so perfectly with our psychological patterns that the analytical shift required to realize this is always a painful process, hence its ongoing postponing.

It is to this shift that the practitioner in the claws of these networks of perdition must dedicate.
Even Better: when awakening begins to dawn in the mind of the sincere practitioner, it will make him look away from these platforms of bondage.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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