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Whatever the book, however holy or comforting it may be,
It can only lead you to the river, drop you on the bank.

The book will never be able to cross for you,
it will never cross the river with you because on the other side,
the book does not exist.

Crossing the river is the ultimate experience to which the most faithful,
the most beautiful of these books can only prepare us.

©FJ September 2022
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  1. Whatever the book, whatever claims of holiness or infallibility might be accorded to it, it cannot lead you the river, far less be your raft to ford the stream.
    You are the path, and the traveller. You will find it for yourself.
    The signposts in the book are those you put there.

    But some of us are sharp tongued when faced by scripture.

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    1. I mean tongues, not minds.
      One is often inversely proportional to the other.
      Unless we’re dealing with a threshold effect…
      Sharpness of tongues and minds move alongside, then, beyond a certain point get de-correllated and mirror one another.
      Well, I don’t know…

      One thing I’ve learned though : a sharp tongue is almost always a self stinging device.
      I’m working hard on de-sharpening mine..
      Or re-ensheathing it faster.

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