The Beliefs Worshop

I see the link, in me, from which I seek beliefs, from which I love beliefs.
In the alcove of this interior workshop, I gather them and shape them into bouquets, into characters, I talk to them and hear them answer back at me.
On the shelves of this inner room, hollowed out in my inner cave, I put away all the words, the books, the speeches of others about their own beliefs and I put away the threats, take them back, talk to them a little and then put them away again where they were before or on another shelf within arm’s reach, in another place until next time.

I am waiting for the architecture, the perfect classification.
Never, however, will these entanglements of beliefs speak to me of reality.

I see the connection, in me from which I speak to the beliefs, I breathe calmly and I move forward.

©FJ Oct. 2022
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