The Deepest Of Massages

Sleeping on the floor and receiving the deepest of all massages:
A whole night session

At nights, receiving the massage of a lifetime.
The body-ground contact points are entrances for the hands of the Earth.
With each change of position, the Earth invites us to turn : “on the back, “on the stomach”, “one side”, “the other side”, “a little more”, that’s it”.

These experiences disclose the true weight of your body.
Without the illusion of artificial padding,

Single plane,
Union Plane.

©FJ Jan 23

4 commentaires

    1. Sure…this is how I got to test this initially.
      Like a last resort.
      And it worked.
      Wouldn’t trade this now.
      Even when I am in a hotel…
      I place the quiltqmd sheets on the floor and sleep right there.
      While paying for a fluffy mattress…
      How weird is that?

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