I Fulminate, Therefore I Am.

Anger is often a factor of densifying :
It crystallizes a “me”.

Though powerfully damaging, anger makes us feel real.
Through anger, we feel alive
If I lost this ability, when would I be ?
Losing grip of anger reflexes generates instant angst.

Could we have the courage to experiment,
To investigate beyond ?

Sadness, has its own ways of doing the exact same thing.
This is why we indulge in nostalgia and regret.

©ndraw@protonmail.com Jan 2023
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3 commentaires

    1. Hello Simon
      You are probably right.
      I think I was trying to talk about the the misleading drive behind anger.
      JUst like the use of drugs, it may makes us feel powerful, but eventually does nothing but destroy us.
      this parallel between drugs and anger should be investigated, I believe : addiction / illusion /destruction cocktail …There are strong similarities in the ingredients list, don’t you think ?

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