No Status

Neither priest nor master,
I am happy that I have no status to hide behind.
In all these functions, I am certain that I would have become entangled,
without noticing,
without acknowledging it, of course.

Each time the truth of my imposture would have come too close to being exposed, I would have unpacked a community-validated argument or endorsed a sacrificial speech of circumstance.

So when a brother approaches, I am neither his father nor his master, nor the receptacle of his projections in which, out of weakness, I would have let myself be locked up.

I go about life
I try to inhabit
The body.

©FJ Fev 2023
Participations -Pratique

7 commentaires

  1. Status-free, how can that be a status ?
    This is Machiavellian, Simon.

    I cannot be fooled by this :
    I’ve seen the same trick in democracies,
    It is called ‘political opposition’, if I remember correctly


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