Meeting with a Friendly Vampire

Imagine that, by inserting a plug upside down and inverting polarities, devices would then function
Therefore, vacuum cleaners would start expelling air through their pipes. We would produce fruits from blenders out of poured in juices ; coffee machines would supply grains, and burners would cool off meals.

As absurd as these upside-down processes may sound, it is such a topsy-turvy universe which may have given birth to friendly vampires.

More seriously, and contrary to those inhabiting our lands – beings close to whom we feel our energy fading away as a result of their life-sucking requests, contagious negativity or their artificial excitement and immature aspirations – you may encounter such people : backwards-plugged friendly vampires.

Like hairless Saint-Bernard’s, they pace the world up and down, overflowing with energy, carrying around their neck a life barrel, just in case they would meet a weakened or depressed being.
The beauty of those field helpers lays in how little importance they attach to their disposition.

Even though their mere presence is beneficial to others, they should have a right to withdraw, lest they end up turning into hungry ghosts themselves.

Sharing this extra dose of life is inherent to their nature : it is of paramount importance to label these friendly vampires as endangered species and allow them special access to preserved natural areas where they can rest for a while without being harassed.

If you ever come across such an individual on their way back to silence, find the space in yourself to set them free. This inner positioning may show you the way out of the dependency state you may be experiencing.
They may watch the scene from a distance and walk up to you to offer an empty barrel.
You will be then able to share this newly discovered water from the Well of Life.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Dec. 2020 – All rights reserved.
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