Tormented Sitting

« Master, I feel so helpless, the onslaught of my thoughts seems to have doubled in vigor lately.
Even if I sit zazen, they totally draw me like a powerful magnet against which any attempt at fighting back is doomed to fail…I have become a slave to their irrepressible whirlwinds.
I can stay on the cushion for hours, there is not a single second of genuine practice ».

The master slightly smiled.

-Very well. I see that you are progressing.
It is not your thinking that is now wilder compared to what it was in the past… it is your sensitivity, your ability to realize the strength of its winds that has increased.

Thoughts are still there. Now, you have become able to see the full blast of these squalls and you can measure the time spent twirling away from your center.
It gives me great satisfaction..

-But what can I do to practice again as I practiced before ?

The master gently walks through the sliding door, and, as he sets to close it, said to the disciple:

-Then, again, practice as now »

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