Syntax Of Life

There are two ways to place oneself in a relation to life.
The intellectual difference between grammar and linguistics has something to teach us.

Grammar proposes a functional and normative approach. It distinguishes between good and bad use. It allows the « social » organization of language tools. We could also highlight the level of syntactic reproduction (vertical or horizontal to as following what is generally called social reproduction: the adoption of the grammar code of a certain group or our parents’ serves the function of integration within this group or allows a fluidity of functioning).

Linguistics, devoid of this normative function, observes language for what it is.
It does not establish any value judgment and does not prioritize any occurrence.
It simply notes.
This open approach, however, allows the collection of a very relevant amount of information on the context of the speakers and their relationship to this context.
Nevertheless, these elements are not brought together in an attempt to assess any appropriate or non-adapted use of linguistic tools.

Faced with life, we place ourselves by default, as a grammarian, convinced that our model is the right software to apprehend events.

The linguistic perspective contains a beginning of openness towards the equanimity of heart disciples can access.
It also conceals the treasures of interest of the trivial or the anecdotal in everyday life.
And knows how to give voice to the smallest elements (linguist), the most insignificant of his daily tasks (practicing).

The events of our lives are the semantic blocks that we can appreciate for what they are.
If the heart tells us to dissect their different components, let’s do it with the mind of a linguist without the judgment of the grammarian.

The latter can do nothing with wobbly or lame statements. It can only classify them as useless and dysfunctional.

A linguist will be able to bring out all the richness out of these statements of life.
He will shed light on their uniqueness and integrate them in a creative way, like the flowing syntax of life.

©FJ Jan 2022
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