Some Old Note

The best way not to age is to stop fighting not to age.
Thus, as we age, we do not age.
The exit from the process of denial, through which we generate what we seek to avoid, finally allows you to no longer be the toy of this process.

You thereby get out of the hold it had on you.
Whether aging happens or not is simply not your problem anymore.
Since aging no longer has a hold on us, we are not aging.

Our reaction to the aging process is the source of our suffering, as it unfolds.
Far from our consciousness platform, we stop suffering
As aging does not affect us.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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    1. I would be hard for me to tell, as I lack circles that would be representative enough to confirm this,
      Educated, articulated circles…

      I still need to ponder whether I have any circle at all.
      I’ll let you know.

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