Heart Music

Today, I like soft, atmospheric, often instrumental music,
With minimalist, subtle arrangements,

They pursue an objective rather opposite to that of the music that has received my attention and oriented my life for years.

They do not seek to captivate by an outburst of technique, nor to outbid the prestige of line up, of producers, arrangers, sound engineers…

On the contrary, they are often the work of loners, self-taught or renouncers (people who have had a typical career, with album sales, millions of fans, sleek and well-oiled world tours, and decided one day to go and touch people’s hearts.

Not the heart with the sentimental gusts but the heart of the depths.
They will thus participate in cultivating, in themselves and in others, a space of peace.
After having experienced, gone through the noise, they tend toward silence.

Their music reflects their practice,
The decisive sidestep which they once made.

Heard from the stages mindlessly brewing a music of ego, these works are shouted down, often accused of amateurism, music for beginners, for elevators, restaurants and spas.

The same smirk appears on the lips of the busy man, whose head is stuffed with “projects” and representations of himself, when he meets a man who for hours,
sits crossed-legs in silence.

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