“What I’m made of …”

On the list of feelings with the power to summon the ego, to crystallize the identity,
we should add one that is often omitted: I don’t really know how to name it: “the one that appears when you have the impression of being / having been fooled.”

It is then a question, for the one who has just been pricked by the needle of deception (real or fictitious), of “not letting oneself be pushed around”.

Then, the whole armada of strategies will start assembling within hims …in fact, we’d rather talk of counter-strategies since it is appropriate for these people to react to the strategies of deception put in place against them.

In any case, and in an underlying way, it is indeed self-affirmation that is at stake.

This feeling of being tricked exemplifies one of the two great categories of inner movements.

-On the one hand, those who dilute, appease such identity issues,

-On the other hand, those who stimulate them.

Along the continuum of egotic concentration, we are thus summoned by the various events and phenomena,
The practice, then, will be to identify this degree of ego concentration, to gauge with what level of tension / urgency we are thus summoned.

Secondly, we will be able to see the consequence of such concentration on our general state, on our inner availability, the background tension we impose on ourselves continuously, and, consequently, the quality of our relationship to others and to things.

Thus, we can really consider the priorities and see that in many cases, this fight is not won by being fought, but by not being held, by not entering the spiral of affirmation.

If necessary, it will sometimes be a question of giving in, of not coming forward to the situational summons, of not being there to “show what we are made of”,

But to warm up and warm up the world,
Not by mindlessly waving torches all around the house.
But by joining the hearth of knowledge.

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    1. exactly.
      you have a disturbing habit of wrapping tons of words in a couple of lines…
      which leads me to question the mere consistency of this blog, eventually.
      I should consider other formats,
      Like postcards
      or the back of a stamp,
      or, at the end of the day, nothing…

      Have a great Sunday

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