Let Them Fall Awake…

Don’t let people believe they should ‘do nothing’ while meditating.
Nor let them think their practice should follow a spirit of non-profit.

Quite the opposite : let them go through hours and hours, weeks and months of their most tenacious thoughts, those which keep blocking, which persist in not passing…
Let them get bogged down for ages…This is precisely the reason why they’ve come.

They are just following on from the difficulties they have come across outside the meditation room.
For years and years and lives and lives, they struggled to dig out of this sticky mud..
Surely a few hours more won’t cause any extra harm.

Let them believe in a reward for their own existence, something sudden, radical…lightening event that will make them different from one second to the next.

Let them expect to be risen above the rest of us mortals, from this mind-blowing experience…
Oh…and bring them a master with a teaching gathering greedy disciples, ready to collect the slightest splutter of his words and attitudes.

Let them literally exhaust themselves in one of these directions or in all of them at the same time… let them indulge in these superhuman efforts with no restraint.
Watch them pour all their strenghts in the process.

Among this stubborn ‘little flock’, some will give up once they notice that such an extreme investment ends up without retribution.
Others, more diligent, will lose the edge of their minds…
Some might see their backs and knees permanently injured out of too much pushing and shoving, strengthening and striving.

For they have to be exhausted before they can finally set themselves free.
They need to empty all of their resources before they can let everything go.

When there is nothing left from their beliefs,
when all possibilities have shrunk to zero…

It is the same effort, the same burning faith that the young human child applies when he has been promised he could stay up with all the guests and be part of the party… Before he knows it, he will fall asleep on the sofa, which was the opposite of what he wanted, but the best thing he could do for himself.

By putting all his heart to trying to stay awake, he has sent himself to sleep.
By putting all our hearts trying to awaken, we totally miss the encounter.
We believe we are heading somewhere, when getting lost is what is required.

Leave the people at their cushion, let them meditate as hard as they can.
Once they are ready, let them fall awake.


Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2019
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