Energetic Stagnations

Energy stagnations bead in character traits, in personalities.

They manifest a psychological setting.

Also, energy stagnations are a phenomenon of resonance.
For the one in whom they appear, the tendency would be to reinforce or develop a corresponding psychological trait.
Everyone has their own ability to manage fillings and overflows of stagnation basins differently.

This resonance is also operative between individuals in whom energy stagnations of the same range are illustrated.
This is why birds of a feather flock together.

Social agents enter into a dynamic of detours and reflections.
From the outside (the energetic stagnation that manifests in others), they maintain a relationship with the stagnation of which themselves are an expression.

Through communities, individuals investigate themselves, more or less ignoring what is going on.

Surprised to hold in their hands what their peers reveal,
when they themselves host a similar resonance.
The speck, the plank.

Thus, social groups are spheres of self-investigation, they constitute a necessary step, via an external detour, on the path of self-investigation.
Potatoes, they say, peel each other when the container is shaken.

A self asserting scheme isolates: it short-circuits this detour from the outside and ignores this first set of mirrors, more or less dirty, more or less distorting, more or less well-oriented.

It then allows us to dwell on another set of nuances.
The one that twirls inside each practitioner.

After having socially questioned the part of their reflection in the mirrors of others, practitionners consider the fact of the reflection of others in his own sets of mirrors and perceive the swelling, the redness, the sharpness of the pain caused by these energetic inflammations.

In stagnation, the energy that runs through our body/mind, finds pockets where it can easily settle and spread.
At this point, one has to move to the infra-verbal level,so as not to star observing as concepts initiate their assembling games : the game is lost, the observation biased.

Coming back upstream, ahead of inner words, how to write it then ?
– observe the energy at play, see energy as energy,
breathe, fluidify,
see the inflammation wearing out
see the subtle tissues appease.

These stagnations summon (through pain, perceived as such or not )our being, our density, our identity.
They are a peak on the consciousness spectrum,

When granules of dust pile up, flying leaves end up tangling up in them.
Passers-by believe they arelooking at a bush.

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