02/09/22 – Inner Ordination

True ordination does not take place from the outside.
The outside cannot make a bodhisattva, a monk.
Ordination is a birth from within.
It is the agreement and the response to a call that blows from the depths of Being.

Whoever hears it responds to it.
Then he becomes world, bodhisattva, disciple.

External ordination is at best an echo of this listening.
In itself, it is nothing.

Franck Nov 2022
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4 commentaires

  1. « True » ordination? That word again.

    What is truth? I’m with Pilate on that one. As you well know.

    This appears to equate « ordination » and « rebirth ». I find both ideas dubious, on account of their misuse in ecclesiastical circles. Nor am I sure that « ordination » really applies outside of a structured religion.

    But then, I speak as one who seeks to be unstructured and irreligious.

    Perhaps I would say, rather, that spirituality is a matter of recognising and following one’s own, personal, pathway.

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    1. I was expecting a reaction from you.
      True= sincere, genuine.
      I’m surprised you don’t get used to me using this word.

      Ecclesiastical and religious circles do no have a monopoly on those words.
      That is the purpose of this text.
      Hence the use of ‘inner’, ‘true’.
      Stray dogs can never be turned into sheep.
      No risk.

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      1. Also… — I’ve recently been given am opportunity to re consider this under a new light– These interpretations you place over my use of such words,
        Like the words one would place in someone else’s mouth,
        Are not mine…
        And the meaning of words like ‘Truth’ are made to be stretched, broadened, re-molded, kneaded.

        When Jesus said he was ‘the truth’,
        He did just that and never meant it in the way that disturbs you.

        Is not narrowness is the ear of the beholder.
        (This applies to myself when I’m (still often) upset at the way people talk about Zen, ….if I’m upset it is because, somehow,
        I still respond to those degrees of interpretation. Were I actually beyond those, I d hear something else.
        Or nothing at all…

        This is why reminding me.of ‘terms and conditions’ every now and then can turn out to be appropriate.

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  2. Then I did not disappoint…

    I continue to mention its use because of its misuse by « the faithful ». It is dangerous without caution.

    The monopoly is claimed, and I prefer not to play a semantic game on the religionists’ terms.

    So, you may continue to expect reactions. Though I may start shortening it to « usual terms and conditions apply. »

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